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The Royal Website of Oz is the current version of Jared Davis' Oz website. Former versions of the site were called Dorothy and Ozma Productions, a name Davis uses for his Oz works as a whole.

The first version was a page hosted on a free server and consisted of two pages with extremely basic information about the Oz books.

The second version featured many more pages, including downloads of games, e-texts of the Oz books, a list of capsule reviews of Oz movies, and an interview with Eric Shanower. This version was hosted on and was removed after a year online.

The third version debuted on Tripod's servers. All of the material from the second version was carried over and was expanded on, including an FAQ section and a biography of L. Frank Baum, the first of a never realized series of biographical articles about the Royal Historians. Additional material, such as song lyrics for plays and data about games, were featured as "Easter Eggs" on this site. Davis found Tripod's service to be erratic and decided to create a new site. The Tripod site is still online.

The current version treats The Royal Blog of Oz, The Royal Podcast of Oz, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Writer's World, an Amazon Astore, and this wiki as extensions the site. This wiki replaces the biographical section and the list of Oz films. Other material has been moved to The Royal Blog of Oz and this wiki. As such, the site is still under construction, but it is functional.

A new addition to the site is the option to play many of the previously download-only games online through Java-based emulators.

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