Oziana 2003

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Oziana 2003 was the last issue of Oziana edited by Joel A. Harris.

Editor: Joel Harris

Front Cover artist: Melody Grandy


"The Bashful Baker of Oz" by Marcus Mebes (writing under pseudonym Kieran Miller), illustrated by Luciano Vecchio.

Oz is full of tight little communities defined by people's special interests and constitutions. But what happens when individuals from one of those little communities feel they don't fit in?

"Tik-Tok's Transformation" by Jimm Phillips, illustrated by Luciano Vecchio

"Game: Oz Quest" by Lee Theriot, rendered by Dick Martin

"Dr. Byz Zaar in Oz" by Daniel Gobble, illustrated by Linda Medley

Ruth Plumly Thompson wrote about a couple of "miserable mesmerizers," but Dan introduces us to a malevolent one. Dr. Zaar even takes over as official Wizard of Oz! Can Dorothy rescue Ozma from his influence? And, int he meantime, what does she call the Wizard?

Back Cover artist: Luciano Vecchio