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This wiki is specifically about the works related to and inspired by The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum. This guide is to detail the scope of articles allowed in this Wiki.


All creators of Oz or Oz-related work are eligible to have a page about them. Please note that a page is not an endorsement. Notable family members of the authors of the Famous Forty are also eligible.

Oz fans who have done work in the Oz community are eligible for pages as well.

In the case of actors, writers, directors, etc., people who are notable for Oz work are eligible for pages. Hence, Judy Garland is allowed a page, while Liza Minnelli is not.


All Oz fiction is eligible for a page, regardless of quality. Again, a page is not an endorsement. Non-fiction works directly related to Oz are eligible for pages as well.

Expanded universe stories are also eligible for pages, as are other works by the authors of the Famous Forty. Links to external wikis for works by other Oz authors are permissible.

Characters, places, items and other in-universe miscellany

Characters, places, and items from the Famous Forty Oz stories and expanded universe stories are eligible for pages, given that they are notable. Hence, the Silver Shoes are allowed a page, while Billina's eggs are not. Outside of the Famous Forty, characters are eligible for pages only if they appear in more than one work. Otherwise, it is suggested that they be covered in a "Characters" section in the article for the work they appear in.

Characters from expanded universe stories, such as Pittypat the rabbit from John Dough and the Cherub, are eligible for pages as later authors may include them in Oz stories. Characters from works outside of the Oz universe, such as Rob from The Master Key, are not eligible.

Characters original to alternate continuity versions of Oz are eligible for pages, given that this character appears in more than one work. Hence Elphaba may have a page, but Glitch from Tin Man (2007) does not.

Please note that there are cases where not all Oz fans consider a work to be part of the expanded Oz universe. If the country where the story is set is on the Dick Martin and James Hanff Map of Oz and the Surrounding Countries, then it is considered to be in universe for the purposes of this Wiki.


Please write your entries in an informative style, and use proper English and grammar when submitting work. Writing that "L. Frank Baum had four kids" is not considered proper for this Wiki, however "L. Frank Baum and his wife had four sons" is.

Please be clear in your writing. Writing that "L. Frank Baum made A New Wonderland new for Bobbs-Merrill as The Magical Monarch of Mo" is not clear. A better form would be "L. Frank Baum revised A New Wonderland into The Magical Monarch of Mo for Bobbs-Merrill."

As not all Oz fans are familiar with certain terms, please avoid using terms that are strictly based in Oz fandom. E.g., saying that Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West is "heretical" is not allowed, as a reader may be unaware of the term. However, writing that it is in an alternate continuity inspired by L. Frank Baum's Oz books is allowed.

When revealing plot information about a work in a page other than its own page, please be careful to not reveal too much plot information, only what is significantly relevant to the article.


Linking to other articles is strongly encouraged, but an article should only be linked to once per paragraph. Linking to the same article by another name (e.g. Reilly & Britton and Reilly & Lee) within the same paragraph is allowed. Linking to external sites is allowed, but only if the link is clearly relevant to the article.


All articles and information not meeting these guidelines, or found to be false, is subject to deletion and revision. Users who continually post false information or continue writing in a style not in keeping with these guidelines may be blocked.